SEDS is for anyone interested in space!

We have regular meetings every other Tuesday at 6pm. Come stop by! More information on our Facebook.

We have three primary missions:
1. Conduct outreach events that raise awareness of the importance and value of space in our everyday lives and promote students of all ages to pursue careers in the space industry.
2. Develop members technical experience through work on technical projects such as the Purdue Hybrid rocket project and USLI.
3. Partake in social activities such as movie nights and rocket launch BBQs as often as possible to promote interaction and communication among members.
We welcome all majors and ages! No previous experience or knowledge required: just an interest in promoting space while having fun.


Purdue SEDS organizes a number of technical projects geared for students of all experience levels. The projects webpage can be found here. ← Check it out!



Slow-mo Rockets at Purdue

The Slow Mo Guys came to Purdue's campus in the Fall of 2016, and some of our SEDS members had the opportunity to launch rockets with them on the morning of October 18th. We built the rockets and prepared the launch area, and let the Slow Mo Guys do their thing. The motors featured in the video are Aerotech G74 Metalstorms, special motors that produce those brilliant white sparks in the exhaust plume. Huge thanks to Chris Nilsen (Technical Director), Mason Hazzard, Kyle Nicholson (then Purdue SEDS President), and Jason Ivanovic for taking care of the rockets. Our own Matt Bolliger (then Purdue SEDS Secretary) captured the second launch from Gavin's Phatom Flex4k, following the rocket up as it lifted off of the launch pad at around 100 mph. Watch the full video on YouTube at: youtube.com/watch?v=myinpF0Nl30 and get behind the scenes at: youtube.com/watch?v=XbwUAV2SkBM

Gene Cernan

Purdue's campus chapter of Students For the Exploration and Development of Space joins the Purdue community in mourning the loss of Gene Cernan. To many of us, he was one of our greatest heros. Gene was known for hating the fact that he was the 'last' man to walk on the moon. It was his greatest wish that we would return before he past away, and he often shared this when testifying to Congress on behalf of growing America's space program. While it was our goal to get humans back to the moon before Gene departed from this Earth, we are more determined than ever to ensure that his legacy lives on through us and our careers. And in doing so, we must seek to emulate all that Gene was to the nation at-large and the Boilermaker community, exhibiting the courage, determination, humility, and passion needed for pursuing a fulfilling future in space exploration.

Our Awesome Team

Will Stanczykiewicz


Hannah Hodgson

Vice President

Liam Durbin


Kendrick Wang


Chris Nilsen

Technical Director

Michael Thompson

National Representative

John Kircher

Outreach Director

Vince Calabrese

Social Director

Rhys Howell

Web Master

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